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Did you know that faux is a French word for false? At Global Painting & Decoration, we offer a variety of faux finishing painting techniques, from glazing to metallic faux finishes, you ask, and we provide! If you are looking for an elegant way to personalize your space, look no further than faux finishes and glazing.

Faux painting adds an affordable impact on any interior decorating. If you are looking to add an accent to ceiling beams or furniture, faux will add stunning beauty to your interior at a more affordable price than remodeling.

Our decorative painting finishes can produce a variety of effects and textures. Our well-trained staff recreates surfaces such as metal, sandstone, marble, and more. If you own a business in Hayward and want to enhance your space with a faux finish, contact the skilled painters at Global Painting & Decoration.

Faux finishes are easy to clean, whether it mimics the look of wood or canvas. If you’re considering changing your faux finish after weather damage, our specialists are just a phone call away. You can depend on our services to clear up the damaged area without having to replace your entire wall. Schedule your free consultation today.


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